Be The Expert

Some once said to me “On the internet no one can hear you scream.” I hate to disagree, but in fact on the internet everyone can hear you scream. That’s the issue, your voice is being lost in the storm of noise as everyone shouts the loudest to be heard.

There are around 1 billion websites, although only 180 million of those are active, so there is a lot of noise out there. You have two choices here.

  1. Throw money at the issue, a lot of money.
  2. Establish your voice as the one people need to hear.

No prizes for guessing which one I’d recommend.¬†Internet presence is about establishing your voice, and starting your conversation.Staking a claim on a topic, subject, product or opinion. There is a reason you think floor cleaning when I say James Dyson, and type in the word Amazon and you’re probably looking to buy something rather than look up information about the large rainforest that provides a good portion of the air you breath. They are the expert brands that have really claimed their market.

How do you start marking out your expert territory? Well you need to be getting your name or brand name out there. The easiest way to start is via a book or a blog. Yes I am serious you need to get your name on the cover of a book. Do you have a fish and chip shop in Whitby? What about a book on the ten funniest things to happen there in past century? Do you sell trees online? Great let’s get your name on the cover of a book telling your customers all about your best selling tree. Or are you an advisor to children’s nurseries up and down the country? Won’t your name look great on the cover of a book about the top ten mistakes nurseries can avoid?

Even better, use that as the giveaway for an email marketing list. If the book is available on Amazon you can get sales, and give away copies to build your email list and social media presence online. Get your name out there and build a captive client base all in one.

Now you may have noticed the fact I never said you had to write the book yourself. Did I mention we provide content? You know I did, and that is one of our bestselling areas. We write the book and you put your name on the cover. You can have as much or as little input as you want. Prices start from as little as £500, and many of our clients have recouped that through sales alone. We can arrange for cover design, ISBN numbers, uploading to Amazon and social media strategy.

Don’t interrupt clients to advertise your product. Start a conversation, show them how you can be the best thing for their business and start a business relationship that is profitable on both sides. .


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