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What Makes Us Different

Expert content fresh out of the box.

Strategy from Start to Sucess

You might have 5 social media channels, a blog, a website that needs populating, and an email mailing list give away. You want them all to work together to ensure visitors become customers and customers keep coming back.

Expert Information- correct and new.

Content writers are experts in content writing. But the subject they’re righting about is normally a fresh new subject to them. Their research is normally on the web and they end up repeating what other writers have written. With their own spin. Instead we work with experts in their fields to get the information from the horses mouth.

Content Management- winning words

It’s your business, your website, and you know the content you want. But do you want to be dealing with writers and photographers and illustrators? You don’t go to a restaurant and start working with the chef. Instead just discuss the content you want and we will provide.

Content and Blog Management

Subject and style from qualified experts.
Stand out from the crowd. Don't let your content be a repeat of what every other book and site is saying.

A book may be judged by its cover and a website by the appearance, but the subject, which is your topic or business, is judged on the content. Customers are expecting to get the information they need almost as soon as they hit your site, and fresh relevant content is the key to making your website stand out to visitors and search engine rankings. Content is about more than just words, although they are still the way you talk to your customers, from images and graphics, to logos and mottos, email new letters, infographics, photos, videos and more. Pulling your content strategy together means that there is no overlap or gaps to make sure that visitors are lead through the sales process and encouraged at every step. Branding yourself and your business is key to encouraging customer confidence. Having an e-book in your name establishes you as an expert in your subject. Being an expert in your field doesn’t mean you have the time or mind set to write and publish a book. Putting that in our hands means that we can integrate this into your content strategy, and use the book itself to drive business to your site or shop.

  • Content Management
  • Ghost writing
  • Research
  • Blog Management

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Our Customers

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Sailing Through Time

Marine Archaeology is the study of the past that floated, was flooded, or just had something to do with the sea. Key for us was to provide content researched and written by a qualified Archaeologist.
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Turtle Basking Spot

Turtles are special creatures and we worked with dedicated breeders and keepers to create relevant content and ebooks for a small start up company launching a brand of food in 2016.
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Green Fingerprints

The company wanted to appeal to allotment holders rathr than those that already spoke science, so we merged the knowledge of a science teacher with the straight talking of a typical allotment holder, if there is such a thing, for the website and a range of ebooks to be published in 2016.
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Science of the Aquarium

An e-learning and specialist channel that required someone with an in depth knowledge of fish keeping, and access to journals and books to make sure we were getting the science spot on.

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